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Supporting harness

£45.00 plus delivery charge of £ 8.00 for England,


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This harness was developed for dogs with special needs.

If the dog has for example lost a front leg, the harness is ideal because it is fitted with a second strap around the rear end so that the harness will fit perfectly on the dog’s body.

This harness can be a good help for the dog owners as well if the dog becomes weak on the hind legs or has problems to get up because of weakness in the hind legs. In the case your dog has a break down in the hind legs on a walk the harness is ideal to lift up your dog on the handle and support the dog on the way back to the car/home.

The harness is soft-lined with fleece or neoprene and with a wide strap underneath the belly.

You can decide if you would like a handle on top of the harness and/or an additional ring on the rear end to fix the lead. One ring is always fitted at the middle of the back.

The harness is soft lined with neoprene and machine washable on low temperature.