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Welcome to my Dog Physiotherapy homepage!


Unfortunatelly I'm not any longer available with my service in England .

What is Dog Physiotherapy?

When we think of physiotherapy, we think of relaxation, pain relief and pleasant sensations. In canine physiotherapy, the techniques of human physiotherapy have been adapted to canine illnesses and to the physical structure of dogs. Elderly dogs often experience joint diseases and stiffness which can become extremely painful. Physiotherapy helps in providing pain relief and improved mobility. When applied after surgery, physiotherapy speeds healing processes and thereby, recovery. Pain due to a slipped disk can also be relieved by physiotherapy, even if the dog already shows signs of paralysis.

I'm offering my service in Colchester/Essex with home visits

and in Norwich/Norfolk in Willow Veterinary Clinic.


Read the amazing story about Lui's recovering from paralysis. Click on the photo.