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Dorn Therapy for dogs

The Dorn-Therapy is all about gentle manual treatment of the vertebral column. With this kind of therapy blockades of the vertebral column are released and differences in the length of the limbs are corrected so that new blockades will be prevented.

Blockades in the vertebral column could occur because of jerky leaps and twists, jumps, by playing with other dogs but also because of malpositions and relieving postures.
There are nerves between every vertebrae of the vertebral column which supply and affect the organs and limbs. With a blockade of two vertebrae it could happen that the nerves are disturbed or even squeezed so that it could cause interferences or pains e.g. on the organs or the heart. The Dorn-Therapy releases the blockades with gentle vibrations and soft pressure. There are no jerky movements or long levers used like in chiropractic. Although the Dorn-Therapy is a gentle treatment it doesn’t mean that it will be completely pain free for the dog. The releasing of blockades could be painful for a short period time; this kind of pain in human therapy is named “pleasant” pain.

Before the blockades will be loosed I, as the physiotherapist, thoroughly palpate the vertebral column to recognize malpositions of the vertebrae. Afterwards I will relax the back muscles with a massage.
Where there is a blockade of two vertebrae and the dog is pain sensitive I’ll use the moxibustion technique. With the moxibustion technique I get a deep warming of the muscle tissues and the ligaments. After this heat treatment the blockade will be released with gentle pressure and vibrations. Even though it is difficult to measure a difference in the length of the limbs in a dog I’ll treat every joint in the limbs to balance out any possible difference.

The Dorn-Therapy can be used everywhere and any time because it uses no apparatus. The Dorn-Therapy is useful for treating the following problems:
· Hip dysplasia
· Arthritis
· Slipped disc
· Spondylosis
· Cauda equina syndrome
· Every kind of back pain and limitation in the mobility
· Mobilisation of elderly dogs
· As well as a wellness program