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Offer of therapies

The therapies which I offer are explained below. The type of therapy which is right for your dog will depend on the disease, the dog’s behaviour, as well as the dog owner’s involvement.

Massages encourage blood circulation to the treated body region. At the same time, pain producing substances will be moved out of the tissues. Depending on the form and tempo, a slow massage will relax the muscles, while a rapid massage will help to activate them.

Passive movements
This kind of treatment is used when treating arthritis and dysplasia. It improves joint mobility. It is particularly useful for elderly dogs and for dogs suffering from joint stiffness.

Manual Therapy
The manual therapy is a special physiotherapeutic technique. Stiff joints will gain with this kind of micromotion.

Heat Therapy
Heat therapy acts as a pain reliever, helping strained muscles to relax. I use the “Hot Roll” or a heated cherrystone cushion for this therapy.

Cold Therapy
This therapy is helpful in reducing both pain and joint swelling.

Electro Therapy
This consists of treatment with a TENS machine. The treatment takes 10-15 minutes and relieves pain in the joints and spinal column.

Magnetic field Therapy
The magnetic field machine sends rapid magnetic impulses to the body cells. This speeds cell recovery and reduces pain. It is helpful in treating fractures, as well as other painful injuries and painful joints.

Other techniques:
- Respiration therapy for coughing.
- Lymphatic drainage for swellings, e. g. after surgery or injury.
- Muscles training/stabilisation.



Before beginning physiotherapy consult your vet to clarify which disease your dog suffers from. I am not allowed to diagnose your dog.