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Lui, an 11 years old Cocker spaniel dog from West Mersea, suffered from a disc prolaps in August 2007 and a hemilaminektomy was performed on the spine. After that the dog was still paralysed at the right hind leg for nine more months. He also couldn’t move the left hind leg properly.

For nine long months the dog crawled at home and on short walks the dog owner supported the dog with a scarf underneath the dog’s belly.  

See the video taken at my second visit in May 2008.

I treated the dog firstly with muscle relaxation for the back and with nerve stimulation on both hind legs, later followed by stabilisation training and mobilisation. After a few treatments with physiotherapy a progress was recognised and today the dog can again walk slowly.  

Here is the video taken in June 2008

Lui got a special supporting harness as well and so the dog owner can now easily lift up his dog in standing position in the case he is struggling.

This result was achieved without any kind of hydrotherapy. Physiotherapy is more than a hydro pool can do.


Stefanie Rueffer

Tia from Wheeley/Essex

Tia, a 13 year old Alsation dog suffered from CDRM and Arthritis. When I saw her for the very first time, she was very weak at her rear end and had problems to get up and walk. She was limping with one front leg as well. The first treatments I made were focussed on muscle relaxation and pain relief.

The first signs of improvement could be seen as Tia tried to jump into the car boot (she hasn’t done this for ages; she was always waiting in front of the car to be lifted in). After further improvements she started to drag the hind paws more often. So I advised the owner to get a Biko Physio Brace. Since this time she has improved very much and together with the owner we started a stabilisation and muscle training.

Today Tia is much happier and walks better than one year before.  


Stefanie Rueffer

Ferris from Great Bromley/Essex 

Ferris is a 5 year old black Labrador who suffered from an Ischemic Myelopathy (stroke in the spine). During a walk in March 2008 he has had a break-down and couldn’t move his right hind leg.

I assessed the dog on the same day he came back from a Veterinary Specialist Centre. The right hind leg was without any use, it was completely paralysed, he couldn’t bear any weight and the reflexes didn’t work. But already after the first treatment an improvement was recognised, and with serious nerve stimulation and stabilisation training during the following weeks together with strict homework for the owners, Ferris recovered rapidly. Just after seven treatments with physiotherapy the dog is walking properly, the reflexes are starting to work again and the walking time could be increased.

Ferris has had this amazing short recovering time because the owner called me very soon after the accident.

I thank Ferris very much because he is a nice example for me how physiotherapy can shorten the recovery time.  


Stefanie Rueffer

Emma from Billertshausen(Germany)

Emma is a Newfoundland-Labrador-Mix and had little problems with her back. My dog accepted Stefanie very fast so she was able to massage her back. It needed only one massage and after a control from Stefanie my dog had no reaction when she touched the painful point. So my dog has no more pain in her back. Stefanie was very helpful and had a very friendly manner to my dog and was very careful not to harm her. After the massage my dog went up and liked to play with Stefanie.
Thank you very much Stefanie.

Otto, Colchester/Essex

Our 8 year old dobermann, Otto was recently diagnosed with Wobblers syndrome (a malfunction of the neck vertebrae) and a dehydrated disc. He was in intense pain and had to be admitted to the neurology department at The Animal Health Trust in Newmarket. After a week, he came home but had to have strict rest for 6 weeks (mainly in a cage). At the end of the rest period, we were still giving him the maximum dose medication for his pain. With the agreement of the vets, we decided to try physiotherapy for dogs after seeing some information about Stefanie Ruffer at our local vets. The results have been amazing and we are delighted! After just one session, Otto’s tense muscles began to relax from the heat treatment and massage. He snored all evening and seemed far more comfortable than we have seen him for a long time. Stefanie taught us how to administer the heat treatment ourselves which has enabled us to become involved in Otto’s recovery. The treatment that Stefanie provides is great as it is carried out at our home, which means no anxiety for Otto about visiting the vets. She has now been 5 times and, on each visit, she uses different techniques depending on Otto’s condition at the time. Otto is now able to walk around freely downstairs, sit on the sofa, enjoy his garden and even take a 20 minute walk. His progress has been so good that we were soon able to reduce his medication, and are now in the process of cutting it out completely.
Thank you Stefanie,