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In July 2005 I finished my studies and became a physiotherapist for dogs. I studied this with my Golden Retriever Amigo in Linkenheim, Germany, and you can find my examination certificate below.

During my study we moved to England where I started my business.

In September 2008 I moved to Munich and I offer the physiotherapy for dogs in home visits.

I'm a member of the German Association for Animal Physiology ->Verein für Tierphysiotherapie . Members of this association have to improve regulary their skills with advanced trainings.


The study of physiotherapy for dogs was only the basis. I improved my skills with the following courses and seminars:

- May 2005: 1. Hundephysiokongress in Karlsruhe, focus: knee, ellbow, hips

- July 2005: Leech, using for dogs

- May 2007: Dorntherapie fos dogs

- May 2008 : 2. Hundephysiokongress in Karlsruhe

- September 2008 - January 2009: Akucunkture for joint disease in dogs and cats.


Registered dog physiotherapist